How to Start an Alignment Cycle?

Starting an Alignment Cycle is easy. Here are the steps:

Together with your Da Vinci Alignment Manager…

1.  You frame your topic.

2.  You decide who the participants will be from within your organization to any number of external contributors (e.g., customers, consultants, etc.)

3.  You decide with Da Vinci which activities can take place online and which ones require personal calls or face-to-face meetings.

4.  You decide if you need one or more Subject Matter Experts added to the process.

5.  You either back-schedule the activities to achieve a key event when the plans and agreements are required, or forward-schedule to just fit conveniently into the Participants’ calendars.

Alignment Cycles typically take between 3 to 10 weeks to complete depending upon your timeline and availability.

AO Process