A Total Solution

AO Alignment Across Components

Da Vinci provides access to cloud-based technology to facilitate and support the entire Alignment Cycle solution–the science for creating and adjusting plans while measuring, maximizing, and maintaining alignment across a group of people with a shared topic.

There is no need for our clients to buy or install software to enjoy the benefits of Organizational Alignment.


MEASURE: Within hours, the software collects a team’s complete set of CANDID opinions on a topic, with guaranteed anonymity providing peace of mind. It then analyzes the Degree of Alignment around these opinions across the organization and within and between sub-groups. Participants have an opportunity to explain the rationale for an opinion if it deviates from the majority. This feature captures missing information vital to the success of the project or to uncover areas where the group has definitional differences that cause confusion.

ANALYZE AND RESOLVE MISALIGNMENTS: Alignment Analytics make intelligent observations about alignment so the team can pinpoint the necessary conversations. Misalignments are triaged for resolution using innovative on-line techniques to reconcile. Aligned opinions are transformed into a Foundation Document (defining the group’s Case for Action), a Rich Scorecard (with quantified goals and objectives), a time-phased Road Map (including all required action and the owners of those activities), and solutions to validated Barriers to success and other foreseen constraints.

ACT: Implement the solutions agreed upon.

SUSTAIN ALIGNMENT: Every few months, the software assembles the current state, agreed future state and constraints, to identify any drift in commitment. This maintains a high-degree of alignment throughout the entire project.

AO Process