Our Core Values

We HONOR our clients through the command to “…love our neighbors as we love ourselves.”

We LISTEN to understand your expectations so we can deliver the results that you value. Our objective is to make a meaningful and positive difference in your life, family and business.

We believe that it is important to deliver solutions that are INNOVATIVE, SUSTAINABLE and TRANSFORMATIVE.

We believe that the best ideas and solutions come from deep inside the person confronted with the issue. You are the expert on your life…family…and business. Therefore, our highest value is in asking insightful, penetrating questions that allow you to discover for yourself the perfect solution. Our INSIDE-OUT methodology to problem solving stands in stark contrast to the common Outside-In approach in which the preferences and biases of others are substituted for yours as solutions are formulated (which is why so many plans are never executed or fail).

We honor CONFIDENCES which are critical in fostering open, truthful conversations about sensitive issues that are often at the root of healing, overcoming obstacles, and seizing opportunities.

We believe that TRUE WEALTH is something that can never be taken away. That TRUE SUCCESS can only be achieved and sustained if you are clear as to your purpose and vision and stay focused on what truly matters.

We serve as ADVOCATES to our clients; fully and absolutely committed to their welfare and well-being. We eliminate conflicts of interest through our independence, full disclosure policy, and receiving compensation solely from client fees. We do not receive or give finder’s fees, share in commissions, or sell financial products.

We believe in COLLABORATING with your existing professional team of advisors and consultants. Our focus is to bring ALIGNMENT and collaboration┬áto effectively and efficiently uncover solutions that honor your “voice” and objectives, reduce wasted time, manage costs, and to make sure that things get done and implemented according to plan.