Our Guiding Principles

Be a wise steward with a servant’s heart.

We become rich by the value of what we deliver to others. We can enjoy life when

Connect to your passions each day.

We each possess unique gifts, talents, needs and callings. Discovering and clarifying these areas of our life will often lead us to our passions—what makes life worth living. We feel the most fulfilled, productive and content when we touch our life’s passions each day.

Don’t stop at the first right answer.

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that every problem has only ‘one right answer.’ Often, when you study a situation carefully, you are presented with more than one right answer.

Start with the end in mind.

The end result of any process depends entirely on the level of clarity attained at the beginning.

Protect important relationships.

It is essential to identify and build on the strength of existing personal, business and professional relationships whenever possible and appropriate.

Optimize every opportunity.

Although life decisions come in many shapes and sizes, they are interrelated and cumulative. The combination of making wise decisions and avoiding pitfalls will dramatically determine the quality and quantity of your life journey. The objective is to be continually prepared to optimize every decision by analyzing the alternatives through the prism of your values, mission, goals and desired legacy.

Focus on team management as well as team competence.

A poorly managed team will likely produce a bad plan and outcome. A competent, but poorly managed team will likely produce a bad plan and outcome at a very high cost.

Innovate, adapt…or become extinct.

Strategies, techniques, and tools evolve and subsequently become extinct as the social, economic, business and tax climates change over time. In addition, each new cycle of evolution brings a new level of complexity. Those that innovate, adapt and know where to find answer (rather than try to have all the answers) will survive and thrive.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.