First Steps


A fter reviewing our website, please consider contacting us to have a conversation. For your convenience, we have outlined below a few steps that you might find helpful. Use the “previous” and “next” navigation tools to move through the four steps.




 1. Request a complimentary, get-acquainted conversation. We will walk you through a process to think deeply about where you are now in contrast to where you want to be. You will not be asked to make any decisions...just to reflectto think…and to imagine.
 2. To schedule your face-to-face, Skype or phone conversation, just give us a call or complete the e-mail form under “Contact Us.”  We look forward to hearing from you!
 3. When we talk, we will ask you a few question and listen carefully to your responses. Then, we will offer a few ideas for how we have solved similar issues for others.
 4. Should you wish to retain Da Vinci’s services, we will present you with an Engagement Agreement that specifies services, fees and costs, and the process we will follow.